Too beautiful for words : Poem

Shimmering lake

Too beautiful for words

I wake up to birds chirping tweeting
Loudly goes out their morning greeting
Sweetly they sing to their Maker
Praising in notes highly pleasing

A chipmunk gnaws happily
Scurrying here scurrying there
Food everywhere choices galore
My eyes crinkle at this cuteness overload

A deer grazes lazily
His small family in tow
Their ears and tail twitch in high alert
Munching the grass they happily feast

The air around sparks in anticipation
Slowly from behind the clouds peeks the sun
Their glorious rays paints the canvas above
In hues of orange, gold, pink and red

My face is bathed in this light
I look on at this brilliant display
Here commences another day
The sun blazes saying ready set and off you go

Rushing now to finish my morning ablutions
Voices raised, kids get out of bed
Scrambling to complete the getting ready craze
They are packed and dropped off with kisses posthaste

Running to catch the train
Get on get off swarms of people join
Hurtling or crawling we keep chugging along
The towns and trees pass in one big lazy blur

Amidst the bustle and constant hum
A quietness calmly settles within
A time of reflection
Of sins, mercies, love and immense grace

Eyes closed in grateful prayer
A remembrance of family, friends and people at work
A cry for help, a thanks whispered
A long list of requests gets laid bare

A break in thought, I look up at the sky
Sometimes blue sometimes gray
My eyes take pleasure at the fluffy clouds
A deep sense of wonder and a childish joy

My go to apps gets loaded
The Bible, music and notes
I start reading, highlighting and jotting
Thoughts, observations and facts from His Word

Before I reach my destination
My favorite leg of the journey approaches
A lake shimmers brighter than millions of diamonds
My heart literally soars as it soaks this sight in

About three hours have gone by
From the time I opened my eyes
And I wonder at all the things I’ve seen
Just in the first phase of my day

Everything created in such perfection
Trees, sun, sky and beasts
One after the other I had taken it all in
It had bought me so much pleasure and joy

This world and the things in it so beautifully created
Everything so intricate and incredibly complicated
I look at them as matter of fact everyday
Sometimes taking it all too much for granted

I cannot in the slightest bit fathom
The astounding mind of an awe inspiring Creator
Every micro aspect of every atom of everything created
So beautifully and wondrously He has made

I am overwhelmed, awed and humbled
Such beauty and such precision
Everything working ordered according to His plan
An infinite number of computations too much for any machine or man

This Lord, this creator of this perfect universe
Of billions of people, animals, nature and space
Author of infinite actions and infinite events
Master of the past, present and distant futures

Such a huge comfort to know that Jesus is in control
Whatever happens in this world both good or bad
A peace and joy that only He can give
The secure feeling of being held in the palm of His hand

All creation sings His praise every second of everyday
I join eyes lifted to the sky, a witness, a fellow partaker in praise
God’s breathtaking love reflected in every aspect of creation
Too beautiful for words these endless wonders, perfection on display!

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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