The Data

Almond Tree Rod is a site that explores my research that is laid out in the form of articles, poems, videos, data visualizations, art which are created using the only book that matters in this world, the true and living Word of God, the Bible. Do note that any errors or omissions found in any of the posts are all entirely mine. I welcome any feedback, please post a comment to the relevant post or email me at sap12018@gmail.com

About Me

If Apostle Paul says he is chief among the sinners, then I assuredly consider myself as the lowest of the low! Surely I am as the grass that is here today and withers tomorrow, I personify the ‘there but by the grace of God go I’. I was born a Christian to loving parents and grew up in a mostly stress free and happy household. If I have to thank anyone for the knowledge and fervor towards Christ, I have solely my parents to thank.  I have lived a relatively cushy life, I do have my fair share of skeletons in the closet and with that said, there have been major points in life that I have cried out to the Lord and He has delivered me, but for the most part, my relationship with the Lord has been one of a backsliding sinner and a redeemed beloved child of God. I have always wondered at all the people who have fully and completely submitted their life to Christ and how they have put on this new person. Well that is not me, I can pretty much say, if not for Christ’s constant grace and forgiveness I am a goner. As you will see in the section marked Poems, quite a few of them are inspired by the dark phases in my life. I hope by sharing this you will know that though this site deals primarily with words from the Bible and Christianity, I am far from one who is worthy to be doing this work. My hope is that this site will serve as a blessing to anyone who reads and will bring them in some way closer to the way, the truth and the life – the savior Jesus Christ.

About the sections in this site

  • Art – The contents you see in the Art section can only be loosely termed as such. I am no expert with the physical or digital brush, however I do have these pictures in my mind when reading certain verses and I have tried my best to represent them
  • Videos – Purely a juxtaposition of already existing videos and music. Again when listening to songs I get ideas as to how they could be set to moving images. As a result I comb YouTube till I find the right video(s) that fits what I have imagined for a song
  • Poems – Free form thoughts following not one written rule or convention that constitutes a poem. But yet they shall all fall under this label as I am not sure what else to term them
  • Articles – A writeup putting together a consolidation of bible verses that explains themes/topics in the Bible. Some articles will be commentaries by me or other credited sources from the web/books
  • Data Visualization – A visual representation of simple/complex groups of data that illustrates a topic from the Bible


The data presented in the ‘Almond Tree Rod’ site is free for all to see, but if you are using it for a project of your own, please cite almondtreerod.com as the source and include a link back. If other than reading publications, credit must also be given to Almond Tree Rod for any of the work that is reproduced and/or used in whole or in part in all current and future media works including but not limited to video, audio, social media, media presentation, etc.and should also include Almond Tree Rod’s site address: www.almondtreerod.com

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