A love like no other : Poem

Love like no other

A love like no other

I have been abandoned by most
Only a few are left that I can count them on one hand
It feels like everyone else is surrounded
By laughter, friendship and love
It gets unbearable somedays
This desperate loneliness
But when I am lonely I think of you Lord
That even if there is no one
As long as You are with me
I am never going to be alone or forgotten

When I have fallen
Weighed down with sin
The many times I drifted away
To old habits, old ways
Wretchedness overtakes me
These sins try to completely engulf me
When I look to You to rescue
You have always been my Savior
Your grace and mercy extended
To cover even the worst offenses

Always encouraging always supporting
Your words reach out to me
So undeserved this Your forgiving love
It’s not always that I turn to You
Many times I free fall down into sin
Without counting the terrible cost
Yet You have sought me
Your words have show me the errors of my ways
You could have very well turned Your face away
Left me to wallow in my well deserved pain

How precious are Your thoughts toward me
You have said it
Truly I have felt it
Again and again as you bore away my pain
I sometimes cannot understand it
When death has been caused by lesser offenses
For those men of the Old Testament
Yet with Your sacrifice on the cross
With Your blood spilt to cover my innumerable sins
You let me get away with so much

When people have hurt me with their words and actions
It feels so unfair this miserable treatment
I go out of my way to not offend others
And yet I find myself on the receiving end
Words cut deep
Playing on repeat
What have I done for this much hatred to be spewed
Can’t turn to others with this
Because there is no one really out there
And you don’t want to burden the ones that truly care

When I beat myself up with one of my favorite verses
Why doth man complain for the punishment of his sins
When the tears flow freely
When the heart constricts in agony
Your words are swift to reach me
They comfort me, they teach me
They provide a much needed peace
The heart that was filled with sorrow
Is now lifted up in praise
At your tender love that embraced me completely

I close my eyes and shed copious tears
My heart soars when I know you have heard and answered me
The sorrow and the offenses quickly forgotten
It feels like the weight has been lifted
More than the offenses that hurt
I am quickly filled with wonder
That You sought me out to envelop me with the comfort of Your words
Again and again I ask of You
Oh Lord my God
Why do You love me this much?

As I go through this life
Sometimes with You and most times against You
Your love has never failed me
Oftentimes I was too blind to see
But when troubles are all around me
And it feels like no one is for me
You remind me ever so gently
That You will redeem me
Your ways will direct me
And that Your love will never leave me

I think what is the benefit of being a Christian
Yes we worship the one true God the Creator
Yes He will bless His people abundantly
To be in His favor is most beneficial
The sacrifice of His son at the cross
The price that was paid makes us get eternal life
But for me what fills me with constant wonder
Is to be the recipient of Jesus’ love
A love that cannot be measured but felt so intensely
No human can even compare, it is as I first said, a love like no other

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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