His Grace : Poem

His Grace

His grace

Gone astray so far away
As I dig myself back into a grave
His grace holds sway
Upholding, unwavering

I should be punished
Everything should be falling apart
His grace sustains
Enveloping, embracing

Days go by in a daze
I am truly in a fog
His grace takes care
Never ceasing, never failing

I am lost to the dark
Not wanting to find my way out
His grace shines through
Knocking, waiting

I look around me
Truly mired in the muck
His grace reaches out
Patient, understanding

When I am filled with disgust
Ashamed and weighed heavy
His grace says gently
His yoke is light, comforting

As I close my eyes in anguish
Sins, dark deeds all laid bare
His grace covers everything
Merciful, forgiving

The blood shed at the cross
A sacrifice so precious
His grace releasing
To me a being so undeserving

But for the grace go I
An oft repeated phrase
His grace all encompassing
My daily life testifying

Why do You love me so
Jesus my Savior, my redeeming Christ
His grace a million times declaring
Repent, return, you are forever mine

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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  1. In awe … I am weak but Thou art strong … Just a closer walk with Thee…

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