The love that never left : Poem


The love that never left

I had slid
Gone down into the labyrinth
Of sins deep deceit
I had gone so far away
Removed from the holy
Darkness filled me from within

This time it was bad
There is a dread that comes
When the guilt overwhelms
Knowing that I had sinned
That feeling was missing
It was as if I sleepwalked through sin

I didn’t feel a yearning
To seek the Lord’s presence
I didn’t feel empty
When I was away from His word
I didn’t feel depressed
Even as I allowed sin to overtake my life

What is this I thought
I was coasting along just fine
Where were the recriminations
Where were the rebukes
Where was the feeling of being bereft
That I was so used to all these days

Every day on auto pilot
I read His daily word
Every day a passage of encouragement
A you can do it and I am with you
Let it all go and be with Me
And I read it all like a chore

As I went through the day
At times I often thought
What is going on with me
I should feel like I am suffocating
Here I am besot with sin
And yet I feel His presence within

And then I finally realized
His love was shining through
Even when I chose to go into the dark
He didn’t pull away
He held on patiently
Waiting for me to see the light

I was broken when one day I read
That I will forgive you no matter what
Oh why Lord are you so good
Why do you care so much
Anyone else would have cast me aside
Why am I valued so much

I know the plans I have for you
My thoughts are higher that yours
I have loved you before you loved me
My Father has given you into My hands
I will fulfill the purpose I have for you
He who hurts you hurts the apple of my eye

Those are the words you spoke of me
I am overwhelmed with tears
I go away, I run to sin
And yet your love never fails
I look to You in wonder as I contemplate
Jesus my Savior why do you love me so much?

As I realize that you have held on tight
Never letting me go
Your precious love overwhelms
This is enough I think
No one can love me like this
Seeing me as You only truly can

I am tired of running
Filling my life and thoughts with worthless junk
I want to remain in your love
Leaving the sins in the past
I pray that I remain true to You
As You have to me with Your undying love

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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