What will it be self? What will it be? : Poem


What will it be self? What will it be?

Standing at the precipice
There is a choice to be made
This is how it has always been
even from the very beginning
In Genesis we read
When Adam and Eve stood without sin
The choice presented by the wicked one
Eat, you shall not surely die!
God had said you would, but look just take a bite!
It looked good to the eye, first Eve then Adam
The choice that they made changed mankind’s destiny
The choice was presented and they chose to disobey
Bringing into this world sin and deaths decay

What it will be self, what will it be?
Will you take the plunge to the familiar depths of hell?
Or will you step out in faith in Christ
knowing that He will take you to greater heights?
Oh my heart and mind, why do you seek the darkness so much?
Committing grave sins and deeds
You go seeking God’s grace and mercy, crying tears of repentance
And yet here you find yourself again waiting to plunge into the depths of darkness and sin again

What will it be self? What will it be?
Bible OT history tells you about the Israelites
Great grace and mercy surrounded them at every turn
Yet they were stiff necked, hearts hardened leaning always towards sin
Will you count yourself as one of them?
Turning your blessings into heaps of curses?
You know there is one who came after, showing you a better way
Even died for you, shedding His innocent blood at the cross
A steep price has been paid, so that you can always walk in His grace

Remember there is one who loves you
Seek Him, turn to Him, submit to Him
Have your steps ordered by Christ
The next time you find yourself in that same old place
Asking yourself that familiar question
What will it be self? What will it be?
Remember there is one who can save you from the misery
Choose to make that choice, choose Christ and walk in the light!

-By Sap for almondtreerod.com

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