When nothing makes sense anymore : Poem

When nothing makes sense

When nothing makes sense anymore

When you’ve reached the end of feeling
You’ve gone through anger and rage
You have felt deep anguish and thought your heart might break
Your mind keeps replaying words and actions
For minutes, hours and sometimes months without end

You don’t know why some things are happening
You don’t know how to get out of this slump
You don’t know if anyone will help you
You don’t know if there is anyone out there
Who feels as miserable as you do

You’ve shed a lot of tears
You’ve stared into space not wanting to think
You’ve woken with your heart not right
There’s a nagging feeling that you cannot shake
You function on autopilot, another day crumbles away

You look at the people around you and wonder
Have they all got it together unlike you
The smiling faces, the confident swagger
It looks like they’ve got it all figured out
The secret to living this life

You try to fill up this emptiness
With numerous worthless pursuits
Endless activities, work or play
You read, you watch, you participate
You’ve regained a semblance of control

If I do this I will be better
If I accomplish this goal I’m one step closer
A task checked off, you manage to cheer
You eat healthy, you workout
My life is getting better, or so you deceptively think

When the next calamity hits
You’re at this familiar place
Of despair, anguish and gasping for air
And then you realize whatever you did
While it helped a little you never really healed

Old wounds come rushing to the fore
You go back to thinking a million thoughts
You revisit and rehash of who is right and who is wrong
The familiar feeling that life doesn’t makes sense
Its all so pointless, the unfairness of it all

I am a nobody in this world
I am not a complex person nor do I have a superior mind
My opinions on matters are generally discarded
But as someone who has keenly felt the hopelessness described above
I hope this helps you find the peace that you so desperately seek

I am going to tell you about one who comforts
One who can understand every bit of your pain
One who knows your every thought and feeling
One who died for you so that you may gain
He is called the Son of God, Jesus is His name

Now I don’t know where you stand
A believer who needs encouragement
A Christian who already knows Him
Or someone who has heard of Him
Or an outright mocker that its all a fairytale

Whatever your views are about Jesus
You know for sure the emptiness within you is real
Then let me tell you that it will slowly but surely go away
When you cast your care upon Jesus
For He knows your beginning and your end

This is what He says about you
That neither life nor death or angels nor demons
The present or the future, any height or any depth
Any power or anything ever created
Will separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord

He holds you in the palm of His hand
He’ll keep you as the apple of His eye
He asks you to come lay your burdens upon Him
To pour out your heart to Him
And that He will give you rest

When you realize that you are talking to the Creator
The one who made heaven and earth
Who knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb
Who knows your every action and thought
Who knows the real you with all your imperfections and warts

He will be your strong shield against all your enemies and fears
He will be your rock so that through Him you will never be moved
He will be your protector from those that seek to harm
He will be your deliverer that your feet will never fall
He will be your Father who calls you His precious child

What about the emptiness, what about your fears
What about your wretched situation or your depressed state
The Lord who made you knows them all too well
He longs for you to seek Him
And pour out your heart and fears

Jesus’ love for you is immeasurable
That He bore every single sin of yours grievous as they may be
And suffered shame and was crucified guiltless as He was
That by His death you will not perish
The third day He rose alive again setting free those who would believe

So what do you do now that you know
That there is a God who is waiting for you
Who longs for you to know Him
To take away your despair and pain
To soothe your soul and give you peace like you’ve never known before

Then all you need to do is pray
Say Jesus I need you help me please
For I don’t know what to do
He is a living God who answers those who seek Him
He will speak to you through His word everyday

Let the Lord lead and guide you
For He knows your past, present and end
Pray and seek His word daily here or even here
Read a Psalm and be encouraged or learn about Jesus
From Matthew, Mark, Luke or John

If there is one thing I know for a certainty
The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you
He will hold you by the hand and guide you
Make you understand His will and why He created you
And most of all will take that emptiness away

Life doesn’t become easy nor will all your problems go away
Its funny how fast trouble will come and seek you
Because you’ve chosen to obey
But here is your confidence and may your heart not be swayed
Be still and know that Jesus is completely in control

If you’ve read this far I thank you
But more than anything I would like for you to seek Jesus
Pray, read your daily Word for Today and the Bible
The more you lean on Him you’ll see that your joy will abound and grow
For you weren’t meant to live with the feeling that nothing makes sense anymore!

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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