Biblical characters who lived over one hundred years since the time of Abraham : Article


Before the flood, God sees that the sons of God were intermingling with the daughters of men and produced giants from this union (Genesis 6:1-4). God says that His spirit would not be in strife with man who was flesh… Continue Reading


Outline of Noah’s life : Snippet

Outline of Noah’s life 1. The introduction of Noah – Genesis 5:31-32, Genesis 6:5-10 2. God relaying his plan to Noah for the destruction of all people on the earth – Genesis 6:11-22, Genesis 7:1-5 3. Noah carrying out God’s… Continue Reading


Let’s Learn : Relationships & other affairs of the heart and body from the Bible – Genesis : Pt 1

The first book in the Bible – Genesis, details the start of the human race and the first families and is filled with plenty of drama within these families. The first part in this Let’s Learn series has referenced relationship… Continue Reading