Ashes & sackcloth in the Bible – Expressions of extreme grief or great injustice : Article


Sackcloth and ashes were worn/used by people in the Bible to signify times when they were undergoing extreme grief – this was punctuated by some great injustice that had occurred. It was also used to signify repentance and humbling of… Continue Reading


Let’s Learn : Relationships & other affairs of the heart and body from the Bible – Genesis : Pt 2

This Let’s Learn entry is Part 2 of exploring relationships mostly about complications in love or of drama of a sexual nature that occurs in the Bible from the book of Genesis. To explore Part 1, please click this link… Continue Reading


Let’s Learn : Inferring Customs from the Bible : Genesis – Article

1) Burying the dead While today we have the means of burial or cremation, it is from Abraham’s account of burying Sarah after her death and Isaac and Ishmael burying Abraham after his death we can infer that burial was… Continue Reading