His love through the densest fog : Poem


His love through the densest fog

I want to live with Christ
I have made my decision
I am with Him and He is with me
My mind knows peace
My heart knows joy
I read His word
I seek Him
Every thought and every decision
I direct towards Him

A small deviation from the path
Leads me to the old familiar thoughts
The past habits say hello my friend
We have missed you
Come indulge in us again
Before I know it I have well and truly stepped back in

I continue to go to His word
My playlists are still filled with His worship songs
But then something is missing
The peace is gone
And so is the joy within
My talks with Him are fleeting whispers
Rushing through the motions
As I run headlong into sin

The fog surrounds me
Seeps in swiftly
To cause a rift with Him
I don’t know if I want to come out
Now that I have I have stepped out of the path
More and more the darkness tightens
Asking me to completely let go of Him

I know that I am doing wrong
The emptiness contained in the fog
Threatens to overwhelm
I know I have stepped back
Deep into the pit once again
I am not sure if I can fight through the darkness
To seek my Lord, to be in the warmth of His love

A light shines through the dark
His word with promise reaches me
Get up come out
I am Your God and you are my child
Take my hand
Grasp the mercy extended
Come hide in me
My grace is sufficient for thee

I rush to leave the darkness behind
Crying with relief
That my Savior has come for me
I want to step into the light
Seeking Jesus for His forgiveness
For the sorry excuse of a person that I am
The relief and oh the joy
As the peace that is only found in Him encompasses all around me

The fog that was impenetrable
Is now nowhere to be found
Lifted up, disappeared
By the strength of Jesus’ love
The love that extends His grace
To an unworthy me
A million slips and countless falls and every time He is there
To lift me up saying
I am Your God and you are forever mine

-By SAP for Almondtreerod.com

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