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So Will I

Have you ever looked at the everyday instances of nature that surrounds you – trees, flowers, the chirping birds, the green grass, the sun shining down on you and have your heart burst with joy at the splendor of God’s creation? I have and I can count on one hand the times I have had this feeling of complete and utter joy take over me, this feeling that this joy cannot be contained, that its bursting out of you, that everything is so beautiful and your heart just wants to burst with the happiness that you feel inside. Even the birth of my children has not replicated this feeling but looking around at God’s creation one random day just enveloped me in this kind of joy! A similar feeling(close but not the same though!) of breathtaking joy was evoked when I listened to ‘So will I (100 billion times)’ on the radio for the first time. This songs speaks to the beauty, awesomeness and perfection of everything that God has created. Everything in creation, the galaxies, the planets, the sun, moon, stars, oceans, mountains, plants and animals shouts out in praise reflecting the greatness and splendor of the Creator God. But above all this song conveys how the Creator of the Universe, loves us so much to send His son Jesus to die for our sins. The sacrifice at the cross of our Savior covers the 100 billion failures that we commit. We as humans join with all of creation in singing our praises to an awesome and merciful God.

The video elements that I have chosen for the mashup not just tries to illustrate the beauty and grandeur of God’s creation but also tries to invoke a feeling of flying in certain places where the music just soars and your heart and soul is raised in praise singing with joy and thankfulness to the Savior.

Here is the Youtube link and Vimeo link if the videos do not load in this page


Song Lyrics: So Will I (100 Billion Times) – Hillsong United

God of creation
There at the start
Before the beginning of time
With no point of reference
You spoke to the dark
And fleshed out the wonder of light
And as You speak
A hundred billion galaxies are born
In the vapor of Your breath the planets form
If the stars were made to worship so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve made
Every burning star
A signal fire of grace
If creation sings Your praises so will I

God of Your promise
You don’t speak in vain
No syllable empty or void
For once You have spoken
All nature and science
Follow the sound of Your voice
And as You speak
A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath
Evolving in pursuit of what You said
If it all reveals Your nature so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You say
Every painted sky
A canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You so will I

So will I
So will I

If the stars were made to worship so will I
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I
If the wind goes where You send it so will I
If the rocks cry out in silence so will I
If the sum of all our praises still falls shy
Then we’ll sing again a hundred billion times

God of salvation
You chased down my heart
Through all of my failure and pride
On a hill You created
The light of the world
Abandoned in darkness to die

And as You speak
A hundred billion failures disappear
Where You lost Your life so I could find it here
If You left the grave behind You so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done
Every part designed in a work of art called love
If You gladly chose surrender so will I
I can see Your heart
Eight billion different ways
Every precious one
A child You died to save
If You gave Your life to love them so will I
Like You would again a hundred billion times
But what measure could amount to Your desire
You’re the One who never leaves the one behind

Video Elements from YouTube

  • Journey through the universe beyond the speed of light
  • Zooming in to Earth
  • Landscapes: Volume 4K
  • Slow Motion Ocean
  • Wingsuit BASE Jump POV | To Infinity And Beyond
  • Music video background loop – Jesus’ hand nailed on the Cross
  • Christian Video Loop Background – Cross light with man in worship
  • Earth Zoom Out

– By SAP for almondtreerod.com

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